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Welcome to Northcoast Memorials. We are a full-service monument company specializing in creating personalized granite and bronze memorials.  At Northcoast Memorials, we design, carve, and letter our memorials right on our premises, assuring us the ability to maintain the highest levels of quality and service at the most reasonable price.  This is why we're sure you will find our craftsmanship, service, and reliability to be superior to other monument dealers.

Many consumers have never purchased a cemetery headstone or marker, therefore it would be in your best interest to first shop around to compare quality, craftsmanship and prices before making a final decision. Selecting a cemetery headstone will be the most permanent thing you will ever purchase in your lifetime, so there's certainly no need to make a quick and hasty decision.        
It is important during the process of cemetery memorial shopping that you ask many questions. You should ask for the name and original origin of the granite(s) that you are interested in. Also, you should ask what the price of their memorial includes.  Does it include all the lettering, flat carved designs and dates?  Many monument companies have different prices depending on how much lettering and designs are blasted onto a headstone.  At Northcoast Memorials, all the names, titles, dates, and flat carved designs are included at the time of ordering.  We don't believe in surprises.  We can also pre-pay any future lettering.

Flush Marker Gallery

Slant Marker Gallery

Upright Monument Gallery

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    We offer many beautiful cemetery headstones and monuments as well as quality cemetery lettering and hand drawn etchings.  Please feel free to visit our photo galleries displaying our work by clicking on the above images to see some of our completed flush markers, slant markers and monuments that are already displayed in local cemeteries.  If you see something you like, let us now and we'll design one especially for you.

Ceramic Photo Insert

Hand Drawn Granite Etchings 

Nothing is more personal on a memorial then a photo of your loved one.  The two most popular forms of this work are ceramic photo inserts and hand drawn granite etchings.  Our skilled artists will create a beautiful rendering that will last a lifetime.  Please check out our photo galleries above to view some of our work. 

We Treat You Like Family

We'd like to help to take some 
of the confusion and uncertainty 
out of buying a memorial.

To the great majority of people, 
purchasing a memorial is a first-time 
experience-often confusing and stressful. 
At Northcoast Memorials we'll walk you 
through the entire process of customizing 
your memorial to your wants and needs.


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In the News.....
Here is a copy of the article that is published in Lake Community News

Not A One Stop Shop
When was the last time you made an important decision to purchase something over the Internet?  Were you happy with it?  Did it meet or exceed your expectations?  Did it look like the photo representing it on the website?  These are serious questions.  
Most families that have ordered a memorial over the web have been very disappointed with the quality of the workmanship of their memorial.  A headstone is an item that should be purchased at a monument dealer.    
    When you buy a headstone at a monument dealer, you will be able to see and touch the quality of the workmanship.  The Internet, corner storefront monument companies, cemeteries and most funeral homes do not offer the quality material and workmanship you will receive from a full service monument company.  They are all middlemen.  Why pay more money for a memorial?  Your full service monument company saves you money.  Always ask who makes your memorial.  If you can/t see where it is made, you are dealing with a middleman.
In Lake County, Northcoast Memorials is the only full service monument company.  Everyone else is a middleman.  In addition to purchasing the memorial over the internet, you must pay for the shpping of your memorial.  THese costs can be quite high.  Who will install your memorial if you buy it over the internet?  Not the internet company that sold it to you.  You now have to hire someone to install your memorial.  Isn't it much easier to purchase from a local, reputable full service monument company?

 Economically Yours
With the rising cost of food and fuel do you know the difference between cheap and economical?  Cheap means the least expensive you can get regardless of quality.  Most times cheap means poor quality.  Cheap is like getting a carnival prize.  Whereas, economical is always getting the best quality at an affordable price.   The merchandise will always be a better quality than “cheap”.  Did you know that cheap will not last for your grandchildren’s life span?  Economical will be there for many generations to come.  Economical is not expensive.  Cheap is expensive because it does not last and will have to be replaced sooner than later.                                                            
 A memorial should last forever.  Do not be enticed by the cheapest one.  Research your monument company.  Call the Better Business Bureau, cemetery sexton or friends for recommendations on where to go to select a memorial.  Do not be swayed by television advertising or purchasing a  memorial at the time of funeral arrangements.  You do not need to put a memorial in the cemetery “yesterday”.  It is a forever reflection of your loved one for future generations.  Take time to select something without being pressured.  Ask questions.

Show Your Team Pride!

            Football season is upon us.  We can hardly wait for another chance towards a future play-off.  Lets show our team spirit by displaying your team colors or logos for everyone to see them.  Where can you get something unique to show your football team is the best?  Northcoast Memorials!  We offer a variety of team garden stones and pavers to show your team spirit.  Like the Browns? We have dog bone shaped granite for your front yard or on the fireplace hearth.  Do you have a favorite college team?  Why not show the world?